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If you enjoy barbecuing, you'll love the Cookout BBQ difference.


We are proudly 100% Australian made and owned, designing and handcrafting our high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel BBQ's and accessories for over 25 years. Offering vast experience and barbecue know-how our unique range of products allow you to barbecue with confidence.


Cookout BBQs offer high heat barbecuing and grilling. Gas, electric, portable, built-in, indoor and outdoor styles available. BBQs are handcrafted then electropolished, removing any impurities from the surface of the stainless. This process further enhances the BBQs longevity and gives a superior gleam.


Our exclusive range of Cookout BBQs are carefully designed around the ever-changing conditions that the Australian outdoors and coastline have to offer. All BBQs are covered by a 10-year structural warranty and 12-month warranty on parts. We also provide ongoing service and support Australia wide.

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Loved by all Australian's

For over 25 years Australians have enjoyed barbecuing on our collection of locally made gas and electric BBQs. It doesn't matter where or when; our range of BBQs allows you to barbecue just about anywhere. Whether your boating, camping, fishing, indoors or outdoors at home, we will help you find your perfect Cookout BBQ.

Indoor BBQ Collection

Our collection of high quality Australian made indoor BBQs allow you to enjoy barbecuing and grilling whenever you want, no matter the weather. These built-in BBQs are available in gas or electric models. With a variety of removable and interchangeable plate options available; griddle, grill, teppanyaki-style, and flat plate cooking we will help you find your ultimate indoor BBQ.

Outdoor BBQ Collection

Outdoor BBQs are a popular choice for the flavourful cooking and enhanced outdoor living. Our high quality Australian made outdoor collection offers portable and built-in models, gas or electric powered with options of grill, flat plate, teppanyaki or griddle BBQs. Built to last in Australian coastal conditions. Create forever memories with a Cookout outdoor BBQ.

Portable BBQ Collection

Portable BBQs bring versatility and convenience to your outdoor activities and a valuable investment if you love to explore, cook, and share meals while adventuring. They are also great for your outdoor living at home or the caravan and available in both gas and electric models. With a variety of mounts, stands and accessories they provide an enhanced barbecuing experience, wherever you are or want to barbecue.

Manufactured locally by Southern Stainless

Proudly one of Australia's leading BBQ brands since 1995 our collection of Australian made Cookout BBQs and accessories are manufactured on the Gold Coast by Southern Stainless. Handcrafted to ‘endure the elements’ our BBQs are built with high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, allowing you to barbecue with confidence, time after time.

Our range of Australian made BBQs and accessories are available in a variety of styles,
whether you’re boating, camping, fishing or at home, we will help you find your perfect Cookout BBQ.

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