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The ultimate bait board rod holder combo – Tubular Bait Board

Looking for the ultimate bait board rod holder combo? Say hello to our Australian made tubular bait board.

Catching, filleting, or cleaning fish couldn't be easier with our handcrafted tubular bait board. It is fabricated from 316 marine grade stainless steel and electropolished to further enhance the boards performance when exposed to the harsh marine, fishing, and boating environment.

This bait board features four stainless rod holders with rubber caps to protect your rods, two stainless drink holders, hook and/or sinker tray and quality white HDPE cutting board. HDPE is durable, long lasting plastic, which is corrosion, germ-resistant, bacteria-resistant, a safe plastic for food contact and will withstand just about anything.

The two upright rod holders on the back of the bait board allow a fishing rod to sit upright for easy baiting, while the two angled rod holders on either side are ideal for trawling. The hook and/or sinker tray is located at the back of the cutting board for quick access and two conveniently located stainless drink holders are included for those all-important beverages.

As with our entire bait board range this board is easy to install with a variety of fixed or removable mounting options available. The mounting pins are located on the underside of the bait board and to install you simply slide left and right and tighten by twisting the mounts, once in the desired position. This allows the flexibility of using the bait board in pre-installed mounts with centre distances between 440 and 650mm apart.

bait board rod holder combo Australia
bait board rod holder combo tubular