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Built in BBQ ideas Australia, you can’t beat the Infinity BBQ’s side by side

built in bbq ideas australia Infinity BBQs

Built in BBQ ideas Australia, you really can't beat the Infinity BBQ's side by side.

Firstly, these BBQs are built to last in coastal conditions. They are 100% Australian made and are handcrafted to the highest standards, using only the finest 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Both BBQs are also certified for indoor and outdoor use Australia wide, including boating so they can be installed wherever your heart desires.

The electric Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ (flat plate) boasts dual cooking zones, maximised cooking area and once hot the cooking plate retains heat exceptionally well, providing even heat distribution over the entire cooking surface. Sleek in design this BBQ is driven by two 1600W elements and is easy to clean with a hidden fat cup located conveniently under BBQ.

The gas Infinity Grill BBQ features a unique, patented side-burner design creating an excellent high heat grill and improved grilling performance, reaching temperatures in excess of 300 degrees.  It delivers an innovative and effortless cleaning solution with removable fat tray, grease tray and removable grill plate. Available in LPG or natural gas the Infinity Grill features brass burners, battery ignition and flame failure safety device.

If you enjoy BBQ cooking, you’ll love the Infinity BBQ difference, offering restaurant-quality cooking at home!

built-in bbq ideas australia Infinity BBQs
built-in bbqs australia Infinity BBQs