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Built-in teppanyaki grill, a unique, patented side-burner BBQ

built-in teppanyaki grill BBQ gas, Infinity

Built-in teppanyaki grill, our Infinity Grill BBQ features a unique, patented side-burner design producing an excellent high heat grill and improved grilling performance.

Using LPG or natural gas the Infinity Grill is a built-in BBQ that features brass burners, battery ignition and a flame failure safety device.

Unlike a regular gas burner that only has a single gas jet our brass burners have a total of 7 gas jets on each burner, producing exceptional high heat reaching temperatures more than 300 degrees.

This Australian made BBQ is built to last in coastal conditions, is highly robust and handcrafted to the highest standards using only the highest marine grade 316 stainless.

Delivering an innovative and effortless cleaning solution this BBQ has a removable fat tray, grease tray and grill plate.

Certified for indoor and outdoor use Australia wide; it is also suitable for boat installation.

If you enjoy BBQ cooking, you’ll love the Infinity difference especially when paired with our Infinity Teppanyaki flat plate BBQ.

built-in teppanyaki grill BBQ, Infinity
built-in teppanyaki grill BBQ Australia, Infinity