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Can you grill hot cross buns?

When you think about toasting hot cross buns, most of us think to use an oven or toaster.

But did you know you can also grill your hot cross buns on the BBQ.

Whether you only enjoy your hot cross buns over Easter, or anytime of the year, you can perfectly toast them on a Cookout BBQ.

This year we used the Infinity Teppanyaki (as seen in the video below), but you could easily grill your hot cross buns on any of our Australian made stainless steel barbecues.

Simply heat the barbecue, halve the hot cross buns, place on the hot plate or grill, flip after a few minutes, remove when toasted to your liking and enjoy. It's that easy!

Hot to grill hot cross buns on Cookout BBQ

How to grill hot cross buns: