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How do I clean my stainless steel BBQ hot plate

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Instructions on how best to clean your Cookout BBQ's hot plate

Stainless steel as its names suggests 'stains less than steel'. We recommend cleaning your BBQ hot plate after each use as it's so much easier to clean your BBQ plate while it's still warm.

Stainless steel needs to cleaned regularly to prevent it from tea staining (tea staining is a brown discolouration that forms on stainless surfaces) and rusting, and your BBQ plates are no exception.

So how do I clean my hot plate?

Step 1: After cooking and while the BBQ is still hot, pour a small amount of water onto the BBQ plate and scrape excess burnt food off with a BBQ scraper (it's easier to scrape off while warm).

Step 2: Oven cleaner may be applied to the BBQ plate when it has cooled, then wipe off with a cloth to remove any excess fat and grease. Be sure to read the oven cleaners manufacturer’s instructions before using.

Step 3: To remove burn marks or blackening that occurs while cooking mix a small amount of white vinegar and water together, pour on the plate then work onto the surface with a scouring pad. However don't wash the BBQ hot plate in an attempt to make it look like new as the fat/grease from your previous cook actually helps to protect your hot plate from rust. This step assists in bringing the plate back to a clean finish.

Please Note: Blackening / burning of the stainless plate is normal and cannot be prevented when using the BBQ.

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