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Our Classic boat BBQ’s are compact, portable and perfect for small spaces

stainless bbq tray accessory

Tight spaces on a boat are no problem for our Classic BBQ's

Designed and manufactured in Australia our Classic BBQ's are compact, durable and perfect for small or tight spaces on your boat.

Built from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel these BBQ's are carefully designed around the ever-changing conditions of the great outdoors and available in electric and gas models.

Big or small boat, with a variety of different mounting options available from flush deck mounts, clamp on rail mounts, removable pins for duckboards to telescopic arm supports allowing the BBQ to cantilevered off the back of a rail, our BBQ's can basically be set up anywhere on your boat.

They are also completely portable so they can be used on and off the boat, as needed.

Stainless steel gas boat bqq on yacht with clamp on rail mounts
Compact electric stainless Cookout BBQ boat barbecue on Fleming Yacht