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Cook steak to perfection with our Infinity Grill BBQ, locking in all those mouth-watering juices

Infinity Grill Gas BBQ Australia

Cook steak grill gas BBQ, looking for the perfect Australian made grill cooking companion?

Made in Australia our Infinity Grill BBQ cook steaks to perfection. With the position of our unique, patented side-burners this BBQ quickly seals the meat and locks in all of those mouth-watering juices.

Built from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, including the grill grates this BBQ creates excellent high heat grilling and better searing for your meat and vegetables.

The Infinity Grill BBQ also delivers an innovative and effortless cleaning solution offering an easy to remove grill plate, fat and grease tray. Simply remove these elements, clean, empty tray and return to BBQ.

Suited for indoor, outdoor or boat installation using LPG or natural gas this BBQ is your perfect grill cooking companion.

Infinity Grill Gas stainless BBQ Australia
Infinity Grill Gas BBQ Australia removable fat tray