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Electric BBQ element for our Classic & Deluxe BBQ models

Electric BBQ Element Cookout BBQ's

We offer a wide variety of spare parts, including BBQ elements and burners

As part of our Australian made spare parts range, our electric BBQ elements are specially designed to suit our Classic and Deluxe BBQ models.

These elements provide fast heat conduction, high cooking temperatures of up to 250/260 degrees and supersedes the elements in BBQ’s that were manufactured prior to 2010.

Offering a new design, the connection points on these elements are designed to extend into the control box and do not have nut fittings. Instead of nuts the element connection is via a high temperature, heat protected lead, preventing the intake of moisture and makes for a longer lasting product than its predecessor.

The Classic BBQ electric element is a 1900-Watt element and the Deluxe BBQ electric element is a 2400-Watt element, with all our electric BBQ’s available in 240V.