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Flat plate gas BBQ, compact, portable and suits any lifestyle

Portable flat plate gas BBQ Australia

The ultimate Australian made flat plate gas BBQ.

Our range of portable gas BBQ's let you barbecue with confidence everywhere, every-time.

Handcrafted from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel our portable flat plate BBQ's are available in two sizes; Classic and Deluxe.

The Classic is a small-sized, compact, and durable BBQ, ideal for cooking for around 6-8 people, the Deluxe is a larger sized BBQ that's big enough for everyone to enjoy and ideal for cooking for around 8-12 people.

They both offer a full 2205 duplex stainless flat plate: creating a teppanyaki style of cooking. They feature soft touch battery ignition, flame failure device for added safety, functional and easy to clean with an effective fat drainage system.

With a wide range of interchangeable mounts, stands and accessories, we can help you find your perfect BBQ setup to suit any lifestyle.

Australian made portable bbqs with flame failure
small portable gas bbq australia