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Our stainless steel gas bottles complement our full range of gas BBQ’s

Stainless gas bottle Australia

Available in 5 different sizes, we have a gas bottle stainless steel to suit

Our range of Australian made stainless steel gas bottles are available in 5 different bottle sizes ranging from 1.3kg to 5.8kg, with a bottle size to suit every need.

Hand-crafted to suit the harsh Australian conditions our gas bottles aren't only tough and durable they are also modern, stylish and add that finishing touch to your BBQ setup.

Built from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel our range of gas bottles are suitable for our entire range of gas BBQ's.

Add a stainless gas bottle holder, to securely and safely hold your stainless gas bottle in place.

Great for home, camping, boating and outdoor use, click below to buy yours today.

Stainless steel gas bottle Australia
Stainless boat gas bottle Australia