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Gas VS Electric BBQ’s

Classic Electric Boat BBQ Australia

Gas VS Electric BBQ

Are gas BBQ's as effective as electric BBQ's?

Yes, all our electric BBQ models are just as effective as our gas BBQ's.

When people think about barbecue cooking, they seem to always think of gas, but our electric BBQ's are designed with a heat distributing backing plate, which directs all the elements heat towards the cooking plate rather than losing the heat within the body of the BBQ.

Designed for marine purposes, on boats, at home or in commercial applications our entire range of BBQ's and accessories are hand-crafted here in Australia and built to the highest standards using only the finest 316 marine grade stainless steel. They are carefully designed around the ever-changing conditions of the Australian climate and are fully electropolished, enhancing the longevity of the BBQ's as well as giving them a superior gleam.