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Infinity BBQ Duo – One half electric teppanyaki flat plate, other half gas grill

Cookout BBQ Infinity Duo Outdoor Entertaining

You’re ready for any meal with our Infinity BBQ's paired together

Designed and hand crafted here in Australia from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, our Infinity BBQ's when paired together create one superior BBQ set up.

These photos are one of our happy customers who is ready for any meal, any cuisine at any time of the day with these two BBQ's paired together giving them a choice of the grill, teppanyaki hot plate or both.

One half of this outdoor set up, the Infinity Grill BBQ is a gas powered BBQ with excellent high heat grilling with unique, patented side-burners.

The other half, our Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ is electric offering innovative dual cooking zones, maximised cooking area and a 5mm 2205 grade stainless steel cooking plate, bringing restaurant-quality cooking home.

If you enjoy BBQ cooking, you’ll love the pairing of our Infinity BBQ's.

Cookout BBQ Infinity Stainless Duo Outdoor Entertaining