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Cook steak to perfection with our Infinity Grill BBQ, locking in all those mouth-watering juices

Infinity Grill Gas BBQ Australia

Looking for the perfect Australian made grill cooking companion?

Made in Australia our Infinity Grill BBQ cook steaks to perfection. With the position of our unique, patented side-burners this BBQ quickly seals the meat and locks in all of those mouth-watering juices.

Built from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, including the grill grates this BBQ creates excellent high heat grilling and better searing for your meat and vegetables.

The Infinity Grill BBQ also delivers an innovative and effortless cleaning solution offering an easy to remove grill plate, fat and grease tray. Simply remove these elements, clean, empty tray and return to BBQ.

Suited for indoor, outdoor or boat installation using LPG or natural gas this BBQ is your perfect grill cooking companion.

Infinity Grill Gas stainless BBQ Australia
Infinity Grill Gas BBQ Australia removable fat tray
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How to find the right 316 marine grade stainless steel boat BBQ for you

Australian stainless steel boat BBQ

Finding the right Cookout boat BBQ for you

Made in Australia our entire range of boat BBQ's and accessories are built to the highest standards using only the finest 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Our range of boat BBQ's are carefully designed around the ever-changing boating conditions that the great Australian outdoors and coastline offer and are backed by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty*.

So how do you find the right boat BBQ for you? It all depends on what type of boat for the size and type of BBQ you can mount and what sort of BBQ cooking you prefer.

Our boat BBQ range offers a variety of different BBQ's, allowing you to choose the best BBQ for you.

Electric Boat BBQ's

Gas Boat BBQ's

marine stainless steel electric flush mount boat bbq Australia
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Electric Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ offers restaurant-quality cooking at home

Stainless steel electric Infinity Teppanyaki barbecue

The Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ is a sleek design that flush mounts / drops into your bench top or cabinet

Made in Australia this electric flush mount BBQ features innovative dual cooking zones and is suitable for indoor, outdoor and boat installation. It has a 5mm 2205 grade stainless steel cooking plate and offers restaurant-quality cooking at home, on the balcony or out on the boat.

Driven by two 1600W elements this BBQ offers a maximised cooking area that takes approximately 5-8 minutes to get hot. Once hot the plate provides even heat over the entire cooking surface and retains heat exceptionally well.

This BBQ is super easy to clean with a hidden fat cup located conveniently under the drop in BBQ. After cooking simply wipe down, open the cabinet to access the fat cup, un-hook the fat cup to remove, empty and return.

If you love BBQ cooking, you’ll love the Infinity difference especially when paired with our Infinity Grill BBQ.

Australian stainless steel electric Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ
Stainless flush mount Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ with flat plate
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Our bait boards are the perfect fishing accessory for your boat

Stainless Sheet bait board Australia

Our stainless bait boards are strong, durable and specifically designed for Australian boating and fishing

Our premium range of Australian made stainless steel bait boards are designed for ultimate strength, durability and are ready for whatever your next boating or fishing trip throws at you.

They look great from any angle, are built from high quality 316 marine grade stainless and feature a corrosion, germ and bacteria-resistant HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) long lasting plastic cutting board.

They will withstand just about anything and are easily customised to suit your boat with a variety of different mounting options available, including:

- Flush Deck Mounts

- Clamp On Rail Mounts

- Removable Pins

- Welded Pins

All mounting options are interchangeable with our full range of bait boards, allowing you to achieve your ideal position with any board.

Barracuda stainless bait board with rod holders
Australian made stainless steel bait board
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Our stainless steel BBQ’s are 100% Australian made

Australian made stainless steel boat bbq

Did you know that all our stainless steel BBQ's are proudly built in Australia

We proudly offer some of the best Australian made BBQ's, built right here on the Gold Coast for over 20 years.

Our BBQ's are hand-crafted to the highest standards using only the finest marine grade 316 stainless steel and offer a wide variety of styles and models designed around the Australian lifestyle.

Whether you're looking for a boat BBQ, residential BBQ, caravan or commercial BBQ, portable or teppanyaki style, gas or electric, we are here to help.

They are also covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty* so if you love BBQing, you have to try the Cookout BBQ difference.

Australian made stainless steel Deluxe Gas BBQ
Australian made stainless steel Infinity grill bbq
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Enhance the use of our stainless BBQ’s with our range of BBQ accessories

We all have our own BBQ style and for this reason we offer a wide range of BBQ accessories, allowing you to cook your way!

To enhance the use and complement our variety of stainless steel BBQ's we offer a comprehensive range of BBQ accessories.

From BBQ covers to utensil trays, fat cups to stainless gas bottles, mounting brackets to portable stands, we can help you set up your BBQ and be ready to cook .... anywhere.

Our range of accessories includes, but not limited to:

Australian made stainless BBQ on caravan bracket
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Love the Australian BBQ lifestyle but don’t want to have to constantly refill a gas bottle?

Then our range of stainless electric BBQ's are for you

There is nothing better than enjoying a barbecue with friends .... but nothing worse than forgetting to refill the gas bottle.

Electric barbecues are just as good as gas barbecues and are perfect for indoor and outdoor cooking, without the gas bottle hassle.

Electric barbecues offer great heat control and range, allowing you to easily change between high and low temperatures. Our range of hooded electric barbecues can also be used for oven-style cooking or add a fry pan and you've got a stove top.

Our full range of electric barbecues are built from the best-quality stainless steel, backed by a manufacturer's warranty and all products are shipped Australia-wide.

Whether it's on the boat, caravan or at home, happy barbecuing!

Electric infinity teppanyaki BBQ Australia
Deluxe electric marine, boat stainless BBQ Australia
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Want to mount your BBQ or Bait Board on the back of your boat, but need it to be removable?

Stainless steel gas boat bqq on yacht with clamp on rail mounts

Looking for a removable mounting option for your boat BBQ? Well ... look no further!

Our 316 marine grade stainless steel clamp on rail mounts offer just that. This removable mounting option is easy to install and remove when no longer needed.

Utilising your existing rail these mounts simply clamp onto your rail, tighten then slide the BBQ or Bait Board into place. To ensure a perfect fit we offer a variety of clamp sizes, so it doesn't matter if you own a yacht, power boat, houseboat or runabout, if it has a rail it can mount a BBQ.

Our clamp on rail mounts are interchangeable with our entire range of BBQ’s and Bait Boards and for extra support and additional bracing you can also add a telescopic arm support to your set up, securing your BBQ in place (as pictured).

So what are you waiting for?

Stainless steel gas boat bqq on yacht with clamp on rail mounts and support arm
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Why flush mount or drop in your BBQ?

Stainless drop in bbq Australia

Our Australian made range includes flush mount and drop in BBQ's, why?

Our range of 316 marine grade stainless steel flush mount or drop in BBQ's allows you to enjoy our BBQ's incorporated into a bench top, cabinet or into the back of your boat.

Offering the same great cooking performance of the portable BBQ's, the flush mount and drop in BBQ's are all about your personal preference, design and needs. The possibilities are endless, you could transform your island bench, outdoor kitchen, moveable cabinet or convert your boats outdoor storage into a BBQ bench.

Our BBQ's are ready to drop in, simply choose between the Classic, Deluxe, Infinity or Epicure and you're ready to get BBQing.

Stainless flush mount drop in boat bbq Australia
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Stainless steel portable BBQ Australia

We offer a range of portable BBQ's, giving you the flexibility to cook anywhere

Celebrate the Australian outdoors with our portable Classic stainless gas or electric BBQ.

This compact 316 marine grade stainless steel BBQ rewards you with powerful cooking, durable design and is perfect for the boat, home, camping, outdoors or anywhere else you may want to go.

Whether you enjoy gas or electric BBQ cooking, this Australian made BBQ is simple to use, easy to transport, easy to clean and is backed by our warranty.

Portable Gas stainless steel BBQ on beach Australia
Portable Caravan Classic Gas Stainless BBQ Australia