BBQ Fat Cup Kit – Epicure Pro


The BBQ Fat Cup Kit – Epicure Pro is specifically designed to enhance convenience and cleanliness. This kit revolutionises the way you manage the grease and fat build-up on your Epicure Pro BBQ. Handcrafted with quality and durability in mind, this kit features a robust brass connector and elbow that seamlessly screws into the socket of the drainage connection beneath your Epicure Pro BBQ. The stainless steel tube with hook allows for easy hanging of the fat cup, facilitating effortless removal and cleaning when needed. Unlike the traditional setup that requires a hose, this kit enables direct drainage into the removable fat cup, simplifying maintenance and reducing mess. Constructed from premium materials, including 316 marine grade stainless steel, this kit ensures longevity and resilience against the elements, making it perfect for outdoor use. Proudly Australian made, the BBQ Fat Cup Kit for the Epicure Pro enhances your barbecuing experience and allows you to enjoy hassle-free cooking every time.



  •   BBQ Fat Cup Kit - Epicure Pro
  • ›  Australian made
  • ›  316 marine grade stainless steel
  • ›  Traditional Epicure Pro BBQ drainage is via hose
  • ›  Purchase if you want to use a fat cup instead
  • ›  Compatible ONLY with Epicure Pro BBQ
  • ›  Allows direct drainage into fat cup
  • ›  Seamlessly collects cooking fat while cooking
  • ›  Removable
  • ›  Easy to empty & clean
  • ›  Fat Cup Kit includes:
    •  Fat Cup
    • ›  Brass Connecter & Stainless Hook
  •   This Fat Cup Kit is included with all Epicure Pro BBQs
    •   Purchase if you need a spare, extra or replacement


  • ›  BBQ Fat Cup Kit - Epicure Pro
  • ›  Fat Cup Material: 316 marine grade stainless steel
  • ›  Hook Material: Brass connector & 316 stainless steel
  • ›  Part #: SSDIE-2.1-A5
  • ›  Fat Cup Kit includes:
    •  Fat Cup
    • ›  Brass Connecter & Stainless Hook
  • ›  Compatible ONLY with Epicure Pro BBQ
    • ›  Also compatible with original Epicure BBQ
  • ›  Traditional Epicure Pro BBQ drainage setup is through hose
  • ›  Purchase if you would like to use the fat cup method instead

Additional information

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions13 × 10 × 8 cm

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