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Pins drop through your existing boat rail, creating a removable BBQ bracket

Stainless removable BBQ and Bait Board Pins for Duckboard Rail

Removable pins BBQ bracket, a simple option for your Cookout BBQ or Bait Board

Our Australian made Removable Pins for Duckboard Rails are designed to simply drop through your existing stainless boat rail, acting as a bracket for your Cookout BBQ or Bait Board.

Manufactured from solid 316 marine grade stainless steel round bar, these pins are interchangeable with our Classic and Deluxe BBQ models as well as the full range of Bait Boards.

Installation of pins requires a piece of 16mm x 1.5 diameter tube to be fabricated into your existing rail. We can supply this piece of tube, free or charge at your request when ordering the pins.

The pins feature a removable r-clip, which secures the pin through the rail. The pins can also be fully removed from the rail when the BBQ or Bait Board is removed.

Removable Pins for Duckboard Rails for Boat BBQ