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Our portable gas BBQ range makes the perfect sail boat BBQ

Stainless sail boat Cookout BBQ Australia

The ultimate sail boat BBQ.

Our range of Australian made 316 marine grade stainless steel portable gas BBQs are the ultimate sail boat BBQ.

Available in two sizes; Classic or Deluxe our portable range offers a wide range of mounts, stands and accessories.

The BBQ setup pictured includes a classic gas portable BBQ and clamp on rail mounts attached to the stern rails, allowing the BBQ to easily be removed or moved to another position.

These BBQ's can also come with you on your adventures to remote beaches with our range of portable BBQ stands and mounts.

If you own a sail boat and love exploring the great outdoors, we can help you find your perfect BBQ setup.

Sail boat BBQ Australia
Stainless sail boat BBQ Australia