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Easily set up your own with our marine BBQ mounts

Boat BBQ Australia marine bbq mounts

It's easy to set up your own little piece of heaven on the back of your boat with our marine BBQ mounts.

Designed so you can custom build to suit your needs our range of mounts allow you to set up however you like, no matter the size or type of your boat.

As an example, this set up includes:

Using the removable pins allows you to remove the BBQ and Bait Board when not in use or if you need a little extra room .... couldn't be easier!

Australian made boat bbq and rail mounts
Australian made bait board and rail mounts
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Tubular Bait Board includes side and back mounted rod holders

Side mount rod holders bait board

Our Tubular Bait Board boasts two side mount rod holders angled on either side, ideal for trawling. Two more upright rod holders are located on the back of the bait board allowing a fishing rod to sit in the upright position for easy baiting. All four rod holders include PVC rod holder inserts to protect your rods.

A hook/sinker tray is found at the back of the cutting board for quick access as well as two conveniently located stainless drink holders for those all-important beverages.

Built from 316 marine grade stainless steel this bait board is easy to install with a variety of fixed or removable mounting options available.

What are you waiting for?

Side mount rod holders Tubular bait board
Side mount rod holders Tubular bait board Australia
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Best Australian flat plate BBQ and Bait Board combo

best flat plate boat bbq Australia

Our Australian made Deluxe Gas BBQ and Tubular Bait Board take your boating to the next level.

Securely mounted on your boat's duckboard rail with our removable pins this set up is for everyone to enjoy and can easily be removed and packed away.

Both manufactured from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel the BBQ features a 2205 duplex flat plate, soft touch battery ignition, flame failure for added safety and is fully welded and electropolished to enhance its durability and longevity. The bait board features four stainless rod holders with rubber caps to protect your rods, two stainless drink holders, hook/sinker tray and a quality HDPE cutting board.

Catch some fish, cook up a feast and enjoy every sunset in style.

best remoavble bait board Australia
best gas flat plate boat bbq Australia