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BBQ made in Australia? Yes. All our BBQs are handcrafted in Australia

BBQ made in Australia? Yes. Our high quality stainless steel BBQs are made in Australia, handcrafted especially for our Aussie lifestyle.

Our full range of Cookout BBQ's and accessories are manufactured by Southern Stainless with our factory located in Ormeau, Queensland.

We have been designing and handcrafting our 316 marine grade stainless steel BBQ's for over 25 years. We offer vast experience, BBQ know-how and our unique range of barbecue products allow you to cook with confidence on the boat, at home or while out exploring the great outdoors.

Our BBQs are available in portable, built-in, gas, electric, indoor, or outdoor BBQs with a range of mounts and accessories to make sure you get the most out of your BBQ.

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About the Stainless Steel BBQ

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Barbecuing is an Australian tradition and has long been apart of the Australian lifestyle

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics around 80% of people live within 50km of the coast.

The problem with living by the coast is that the conditions of the sea air cause metal to rust.

If you live near the coast and have owned a BBQ I know you will understand the frustration of owning a new BBQ, for only a year or so before it completely starts to rust out, which leads to the decision that it needs to be thrown away.

Cookout BBQ’s, for that reason supply stainless steel BBQ’s manufactured from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Using 316 marine grade stainless steel for the construction of the body and duplex grade stainless steel for the plate of the BBQ you can be sure that our BBQ’s are truly built to endure the elements.

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