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Easily set up your own with our marine BBQ mounts

Boat BBQ Australia marine bbq mounts

It's easy to set up your own little piece of heaven on the back of your boat with our marine BBQ mounts.

Designed so you can custom build to suit your needs our range of mounts allow you to set up however you like, no matter the size or type of your boat.

As an example, this set up includes:

Using the removable pins allows you to remove the BBQ and Bait Board when not in use or if you need a little extra room .... couldn't be easier!

Australian made boat bbq and rail mounts
Australian made bait board and rail mounts
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How to mount a BBQ or bait board to your boats swim platform

BBQ mount boat swim platform

Want to mount a BBQ or bait board on your boats swim platform but not sure how? Our removable T Bar mount is the answer.

Designed for those who only have limited space available this Australian made mount is perfect for the boat, jetty, pontoon or at home on the deck or balcony.

Pictured here on the swim platform of a Four Winns boat our T Bar mount is built from 316 marine grade stainless steel, sits at a convenient, usable height and when mounted still allows you to get in and out of your boat. It includes a flush deck mount, for mounting into your platform (or any other surface), which intern fits the T Bar post.

This post can then be removed and stored away with the BBQ or bait board once you have finished cooking.

Removable Stainless T Bar Cookout BBQ Bracket
Removable T Bar Cookout BBQ Bracket