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Love the Australian BBQ lifestyle but don’t want to have to┬áconstantly refill a gas bottle?

Then our range of stainless electric BBQ's are for you

There is nothing better than enjoying a barbecue with friends .... but nothing worse than forgetting to refill the gas bottle.

Electric barbecues are just as good as gas barbecues and are perfect for indoor and outdoor cooking, without the gas bottle hassle.

Electric barbecues offer great heat control and range, allowing you to easily change between high and low temperatures. Our range of hooded electric barbecues can also be used for oven-style cooking or add a fry pan and you've got a stove top.

Our full range of electric barbecues are built from the best-quality stainless steel, backed by a manufacturer's warranty and all products are shipped Australia-wide.

Whether it's on the boat, caravan or at home, happy barbecuing!

Electric infinity teppanyaki BBQ Australia
Deluxe electric marine, boat stainless BBQ Australia