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The Epicure offers a low-profile, elegant built-in stainless teppanyaki BBQ

Epicure Stainless Steel built in Boat BBQ

The Epicure BBQ is ready to drop into your island bench, bench top or cabinet

The elegant Epicure BBQ is a new addition to Cookout's built-in BBQ range and is a bench mounted, electric teppanyaki BBQ suitable for residential, commercial or boat use.

Meticulous in design this low-profile BBQ is powered by 2 x 1600W 240V electric elements and offers superior heat retention and consistent cooking results with both left- and right-hand cooking zones.

The BBQ body is built from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel body and the cooking plate from 6mm 2205 duplex grade stainless.

If you love teppanyaki style (flat plate) BBQ cooking, you’ll love the Epicure difference.

Best built in stainless steel bbq Australia
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Why flush mount or drop in your BBQ?

Stainless drop in bbq Australia

Our Australian made range includes flush mount and drop in BBQ's, why?

Our range of 316 marine grade stainless steel flush mount or drop in BBQ's allows you to enjoy our BBQ's incorporated into a bench top, cabinet or into the back of your boat.

Offering the same great cooking performance of the portable BBQ's, the flush mount and drop in BBQ's are all about your personal preference, design and needs. The possibilities are endless, you could transform your island bench, outdoor kitchen, moveable cabinet or convert your boats outdoor storage into a BBQ bench.

Our BBQ's are ready to drop in, simply choose between the Classic, Deluxe, Infinity or Epicure and you're ready to get BBQing.

Stainless flush mount drop in boat bbq Australia