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“Food cooks incredibly well ..” Customer review of our Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ

Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ customer review, VIC

Our electric Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ is a favourite of many of our customers, here's what Chintan Engineer had to say from Blackburn, Victoria.

"I absolutely love the Teppanyaki as it’s so easy to use, the food cooks incredibly well and more importantly, cleaning it is relatively easy even for amateurs like me."

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Our Teppanyaki BBQ Grill’s allow you to cook indoors and outdoors

Teppanyaki BBQ grill Australia Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ

Wherever you like to cook our range of teppanyaki BBQ's are ready to grill

Designed and manufactured in Australia our Infinity Teppanyaki and Traditional Teppanyaki BBQ's allow you to experience that teppanyaki taste at home.

It doesn't matter if you're after indoor cooking as an extension to your kitchen, outdoor grilling to add to your entertaining area or even an addition to the back of your boat, these premium electric Teppanyaki BBQ's should be your first choice.

They are easy to use, easy to clean, offer excellent high heat grilling and great temperature control that can be adjusted according to your own cooking needs.

Our Traditional Teppanyaki BBQ is built with entertaining in mind offering a large 840mm x 556mm grill plate built from 18mm thick 5CR12 grade stainless steel and is fully enclosed, protecting the burner when outdoors from the wind and elements (2nd tier gas certified by Queensland Gas Association, therefore only available for customers in Queensland).

The sleek Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ is a great everyday BBQ offering a maximised cooking area with a 507mm x 383mm grill plate built from 5mm 2205 grade stainless steel, dual cooking zones and can be paired with our Infinity Grill BBQ, creating the ultimate BBQ setup for all occasions.

To find out more about these Teppanyaki BBQ's click below:

Teppanyaki BBQ plate Australia Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ
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Electric Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ offers restaurant-quality cooking at home

Stainless steel electric Infinity Teppanyaki barbecue

The Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ is a sleek design that flush mounts / drops into your bench top or cabinet

Made in Australia this electric flush mount BBQ features innovative dual cooking zones and is suitable for indoor, outdoor and boat installation. It has a 5mm 2205 grade stainless steel cooking plate and offers restaurant-quality cooking at home, on the balcony or out on the boat.

Driven by two 1600W elements this BBQ offers a maximised cooking area that takes approximately 5-8 minutes to get hot. Once hot the plate provides even heat over the entire cooking surface and retains heat exceptionally well.

This BBQ is super easy to clean with a hidden fat cup located conveniently under the drop in BBQ. After cooking simply wipe down, open the cabinet to access the fat cup, un-hook the fat cup to remove, empty and return.

If you love BBQ cooking, you’ll love the Infinity difference especially when paired with our Infinity Grill BBQ.

Australian stainless steel electric Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ
Stainless flush mount Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ with flat plate
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Our Teppanyaki BBQ is the perfect addition to your outdoor entertaining area or kitchen

Stainless steel Traditional Teppanyaki BBQ

Love cooking? Then our traditional style Teppanyaki BBQ is the perfect addition to your outdoor entertaining or kitchen.

If you love to cook and don't want to miss out on all of the fun while cooking for your guests our traditional style Teppanyaki BBQ is made for you.

This BBQ is made here in Australia and was designed with home chefs and passionate cooking enthusiasts in mind.

It is constructed from a high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel body and comes with the option of a 5CR12 or Duplex grade cooking plate.

Ideal for searing steak or grilling vegetables our Teppanyaki BBQ style is called “traditional” due to the cooking plate being 18mm to 20mm thick.

With this thickness the plate takes around 10-15 minutes to heat up and the food can be cooked at a lower and more controlled temperature, rather than cooking on a thinner plate like a regular BBQ with only a 3mm plate.

The plate is heated via a dual ring burner, which heats the plate from the centre meaning the plate gets hot in the middle of the BBQ and warmer towards the outside edges.

When food is placed on the cooking surface the heat is maintained through the plate unlike thinner plates where the heat is zapped out relatively quickly.

Unlike a restaurant grade Teppanyaki BBQ that have an exposed underside, our Teppanyaki BBQ is fully enclosed. This means the burner is protected from the wind and elements will last much longer.

Traditional stainless steel Teppanyaki BBQ
Traditional Teppanyaki Barbecue
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Custom Electric Teppanyaki BBQ

Custom Electric Teppanyaki BBQ

Did you know that we offer a custom BBQ service

This service allows you to design and create your own perfect BBQ.

This particular product, a custom electric BBQ was designed and manufactured for Harvey Yachts and shipped all the way to South Africa for a client.

This custom built Teppanyaki BBQ featured the following:

  • High quality stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel external parts
  • 3mm 2205 duplex grade stainless steel plate
  • BBQ is powered by a 2400W element
  • Includes one of our on/off safety switches