These BBQ’s are simply the best

Cookout Classic Gas BBQ outdoors

I always cook for everybody on our BBQ and eat on the back of our beautiful wooden boat. I cannot tell you how many people we have cooked for over 10 years. The amount of whole fresh fish, prawns, steak, roasts etc. It’s a big number!

These BBQ’s are simply the best available on the market, they might be a little more expensive but they are the best no question and no I don’t have shares in the company, wish I owned it though!

Reasons; it has never let us down, no flame/flare ups as solid stainless plate which makes it a lot safer as well, no rattles at all and easy to clean, it still looks brand new, in 10 years I have only just replaced the electronic ignition and the gas cock, which is minimal coast after 10 years.

The boat has just undergone a complete refit including engine electrics etc. but the one thing that did not need replacing was the BBQ of course!

Fabulous product!

Portable stainless Gas BBQ Australia

5 years old, cooked on daily and still looks brand new.

Fabulous product!