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Love the Australian BBQ lifestyle but don’t want to have to constantly refill a gas bottle?

Then our range of stainless electric BBQ's are for you

There is nothing better than enjoying a barbecue with friends .... but nothing worse than forgetting to refill the gas bottle.

Electric barbecues are just as good as gas barbecues and are perfect for indoor and outdoor cooking, without the gas bottle hassle.

Electric barbecues offer great heat control and range, allowing you to easily change between high and low temperatures. Our range of hooded electric barbecues can also be used for oven-style cooking or add a fry pan and you've got a stove top.

Our full range of electric barbecues are built from the best-quality stainless steel, backed by a manufacturer's warranty and all products are shipped Australia-wide.

Whether it's on the boat, caravan or at home, happy barbecuing!

Electric infinity teppanyaki BBQ Australia
Deluxe electric marine, boat stainless BBQ Australia
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Want to mount your BBQ or Bait Board on the back of your boat, but need it to be removable?

Stainless steel gas boat bqq on yacht with clamp on rail mounts

Looking for a removable mounting option for your boat BBQ? Well ... look no further!

Our 316 marine grade stainless steel clamp on rail mounts offer just that. This removable mounting option is easy to install and remove when no longer needed.

Utilising your existing rail these mounts simply clamp onto your rail, tighten then slide the BBQ or Bait Board into place. To ensure a perfect fit we offer a variety of clamp sizes, so it doesn't matter if you own a yacht, power boat, houseboat or runabout, if it has a rail it can mount a BBQ.

Our clamp on rail mounts are interchangeable with our entire range of BBQ’s and Bait Boards and for extra support and additional bracing you can also add a telescopic arm support to your set up, securing your BBQ in place (as pictured).

So what are you waiting for?

Stainless steel gas boat bqq on yacht with clamp on rail mounts and support arm
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Why flush mount or drop in your BBQ?

Stainless drop in bbq Australia

Our Australian made range includes flush mount and drop in BBQ's, why?

Our range of 316 marine grade stainless steel flush mount or drop in BBQ's allows you to enjoy our BBQ's incorporated into a bench top, cabinet or into the back of your boat.

Offering the same great cooking performance of the portable BBQ's, the flush mount and drop in BBQ's are all about your personal preference, design and needs. The possibilities are endless, you could transform your island bench, outdoor kitchen, moveable cabinet or convert your boats outdoor storage into a BBQ bench.

Our BBQ's are ready to drop in, simply choose between the Classic, Deluxe, Infinity or Epicure and you're ready to get BBQing.

Stainless flush mount drop in boat bbq Australia
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Stainless steel portable BBQ Australia

We offer a range of portable BBQ's, giving you the flexibility to cook anywhere

Celebrate the Australian outdoors with our portable Classic stainless gas or electric BBQ.

This compact 316 marine grade stainless steel BBQ rewards you with powerful cooking, durable design and is perfect for the boat, home, camping, outdoors or anywhere else you may want to go.

Whether you enjoy gas or electric BBQ cooking, this Australian made BBQ is simple to use, easy to transport, easy to clean and is backed by our warranty.

Portable Gas stainless steel BBQ on beach Australia
Portable Caravan Classic Gas Stainless BBQ Australia
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Why own a 316 marine grade stainless steel BBQ

Australian made 316 marine grade stainless steel gas boat BBQ

Why do we use 316 marine grade stainless steel?

Our range of BBQ's and accessories are built using 316 marine grade stainless steel as 316 contains more molybdenum than other stainless steels. With more molybdenum it offers increased corrosion-resistance, improves resistance to pitting in saltwater and coastal conditions and increases the strength when cooking at high temperatures.

Our BBQ's are carefully designed around the ever-changing conditions of the Australian outdoors, fully electropolished to enhance the longevity of the BBQ and are covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty*.

316 marine grade stainless steel boat barbecue Australia
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Gas VS Electric BBQ’s

Are gas BBQ's as effective as electric BBQ's?

Yes, all our electric BBQ models are just as effective as our gas BBQ's.

When people think about barbecue cooking, they seem to always think of gas, but our electric BBQ's are designed with a heat distributing backing plate, which directs all the elements heat towards the cooking plate rather than losing the heat within the body of the BBQ.

Designed for marine purposes, on boats, at home or in commercial applications our entire range of BBQ's and accessories are hand-crafted here in Australia and built to the highest standards using only the finest 316 marine grade stainless steel. They are carefully designed around the ever-changing conditions of the Australian climate and are fully electropolished, enhancing the longevity of the BBQ's as well as giving them a superior gleam.

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Did you know our Infinity Grill BBQ is certified for both indoor and outdoor use

316 marine grade stainless steel Infinity Grill BBQ

Indoor and outdoor grilling, no problem!

Our Infinity Grill BBQ is certified for indoor or outdoor installation using LPG or natural gas and features a unique, patented side-burner design creating an excellent high heat grill and improved grilling performance.

Built to last using 316 marine-grade stainless steel this BBQ delivers an innovative and effortless cleaning solution with a removable grill and disposable fat tray.

Designed and hand-crafted here in Australia, the Infinity BBQ is truly impressive.

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Our BBQ covers have you covered all year round

Blue Cookout stainless BBQ Cover Australia

Love your BBQ? Then you need to protect it with our specially designed, marine resistant BBQ covers.

Protecting your stainless Cookout BBQ all year round couldn't be easier with one of our specially designed, marine resistant covers to use with our Classic and Deluxe BBQ range.

Made from high grade Nylex, which is a PVC coated polyester and UV treated material our covers are water resistant, highly durable and offer the best protection for your BBQ.

Available in 3 colours: Black, Navy Blue and White we have a cover to suit your boat, home, caravan or 4WD.

Black Cookout BBQ Cover Australia
White Cookout stainless boat BBQ Cover Australia
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Our Teppanyaki BBQ is the perfect addition to your outdoor entertaining area or kitchen

Stainless steel Traditional Teppanyaki BBQ

Love cooking? Then our traditional style Teppanyaki BBQ is the perfect addition to your outdoor entertaining or kitchen.

If you love to cook and don't want to miss out on all of the fun while cooking for your guests our traditional style Teppanyaki BBQ is made for you.

This BBQ is made here in Australia and was designed with home chefs and passionate cooking enthusiasts in mind.

It is constructed from a high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel body and comes with the option of a 5CR12 or Duplex grade cooking plate.

Ideal for searing steak or grilling vegetables our Teppanyaki BBQ style is called “traditional” due to the cooking plate being 18mm to 20mm thick.

With this thickness the plate takes around 10-15 minutes to heat up and the food can be cooked at a lower and more controlled temperature, rather than cooking on a thinner plate like a regular BBQ with only a 3mm plate.

The plate is heated via a dual ring burner, which heats the plate from the centre meaning the plate gets hot in the middle of the BBQ and warmer towards the outside edges.

When food is placed on the cooking surface the heat is maintained through the plate unlike thinner plates where the heat is zapped out relatively quickly.

Unlike a restaurant grade Teppanyaki BBQ that have an exposed underside, our Teppanyaki BBQ is fully enclosed. This means the burner is protected from the wind and elements will last much longer.

Traditional stainless steel Teppanyaki BBQ
Traditional Teppanyaki Barbecue
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Cook the ultimate beach BBQ with our Beach Stand

Our stainless BBQ Beach Stand makes cooking on the beach, in the bush or anywhere in between easy.

Our portable stainless steel BBQ Beach Stand is the ultimate BBQ accessory allowing you to cook the perfect BBQ at your next beach day, camping trip, picnic or fishing expedition.

Built from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, our beach stands allow you to easily set up your Cookout BBQ anywhere. The stand creates a solid, sturdy frame for exceptional cooking.

Offering a collapsible design these stands are easy to store and carry and are available in two different sizes, to suit either our Classic or Deluxe BBQ’s.

Stainless steel bbq beach stand for BBQ cooking
Stainless steel bbq beach stand on Gold Coast Broadwater