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Our stainless steel gas bottles complement our full range of gas BBQ’s

Stainless gas bottle Australia

Available in 5 different sizes, we have a gas bottle to suit

Our range of Australian made stainless steel gas bottles are available in 5 different bottle sizes ranging from 1.3kg to 5.8kg, with a bottle size to suit every need.

Hand-crafted to suit the harsh Australian conditions our gas bottles aren't only tough and durable they are also modern, stylish and add that finishing touch to your BBQ setup.

Built from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel our range of gas bottles are suitable for our entire range of gas BBQ's.

Add a stainless gas bottle holder, to securely and safely hold your stainless gas bottle in place.

Great for home, camping, boating and outdoor use, click below to buy yours today.

Stainless steel gas bottle Australia
Stainless boat gas bottle Australia
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Our Deluxe Gas BBQ is the greatest accessory for any boat owner

Gas stainless steel boat BBQ Australia

The perfect entertainer or family BBQ

Our Deluxe Gas BBQ is grand in power, size (770mm length x 450mm width) and is big enough for everybody on board to enjoy.

Ideal for cooking for 8-12 people this Australian made versatile BBQ offers more the just traditional BBQing, it can also be used for that Sunday roast on the back of your boat.

Built from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel this BBQ features a 2205 duplex plate, soft touch battery ignition, flame failure for added safety, fully welded and electropolished, enhancing its durability and longevity in the harsh marine conditions.

With a variety of accessories available to amplify your cooking experience, mounting options to position your BBQ and an easy to clean fat drainage system, if you love to entertain and BBQ all-year round, then this BBQ is for you.

Deluxe gas stainless boat BBQ Australia
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Infinity Grill BBQ features high-quality stainless steel grill plate

Infinity Grill Plate Gas BBQ Australia

Love to grill. Then you will love our Infinity Grill BBQ

Featuring an easy to remove stainless steel grill plate, our Infinity Grill BBQ along with its unique, patented side-burner design creates an exceptional high heat grill.

Using less gas than a conventional burner and with side mounted energy efficient burners, when cooking on the Infinity's grill plate you will be amazed at the improved grilling performance of this BBQ.

Built in Australia from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel this BBQ is suited for indoor, outdoor or boat installation using LPG or natural gas.

It is also effortless to clean with the removable grill plate, fat and grease tray.

Infinity grill plate BBQ Australian made
Infinity Grill side burner gas stainless BBQ Australia
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Store your gas bottle in our stainless steel holder, safely out of the way

Stainless gas bottle holder on stern rail by Cookout BBQ's

Store your gas bottle safely in our stainless gas bottle holder

Designed and made in Australia this durable gas bottle holder offers a refined, low profile design assisting in the simple and easy placement and removal of the gas bottle, when required for use.

Built from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel this gas bottle holder clamps onto the leg of your stern rail, usually underneath your Cookout BBQ and safely out of the way.

Available in two sizes, these holders are designed to be used with our entire range of stainless gas bottles from 1.3kg to 5.8kg.

To set up simply clamp the holder to the rail then place the gas bottle in the holder, which is secured and held in place by the surrounding bars. To remove the bottle, lift the gas bottle up out of the holder, allowing for easy and quick operation.

Depending on the thickness of your stern rail we offer a variety of clamp sizes from 25mm to 50mm.

For a safe and easy way to store your gas bottle on your boat it doesn't get much easier than this holder, built especially for the harsh Australian marine conditions.

For added peace of mind this gas bottle holder also comes with a 12-month warranty.

Stainless steel gas bottle holder Australian made
Stainless steel gas bottle holder with clamps Australia
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The ultimate small-sized, compact ‘go anywhere’ portable BBQ

Portable go anywhere BBQ 4WD camping Australia

Our Classic Gas BBQ is the ultimate small-sized, compact and lightweight BBQ for powerful and portable cooking

Whether you're cooking a sausage sizzle on the beach, Aussie hamburgers at the park or a cooked breakfast at your favourite camping spot, our Classic Gas portable BBQ is for you.

Australian made and designed especially for the Australian outdoors, this high-quality 316 marine grade stainless steel BBQ is the perfect BBQ when space is limited but you don't want to compromise on power.

Featuring a full 2304 duplex stainless flat plate, piezo ignition, flame failure device for added safety, functional and easy to clean fat drainage system and a range of interchangeable accessories to suit any lifestyle it doesn't matter if you’re boating, camping, fishing, on a picnic or just at home, this portable BBQ has it all.

All our BBQ's are backed by a 2-year structural warranty and 12-month warranty on operating parts, for that added peace of mind that you're in good hands.

Classic Gas portable BBQ
Portable stainless Gas BBQ Australia
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Cookout BBQ stainless steel gas replacement control knobs

Cookout BBQ stainless Gas replacement knob Australia

Stainless steel gas replacement control knobs, part of our exclusive spare parts range

Our stainless steel replacement BBQ control knobs are designed for our gas Classic, Deluxe and Epicure BBQ's.

This solid stainless steel knob supersedes our previous plastic knobs and is machined from solid, high quality stainless steel.

These knobs are purchased individually and along with our extensive range of spare parts help to keep your Cookout BBQ performing at its best.

We ship Australia-wide, direct to your door or pick-up is available from our Gold Coast based showroom.

Gas BBQ replacement control knob stainless
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Large Custom Gas BBQ for Laser Central’s office

Looking for a large, commercial sized stainless gas BBQ?

We recently built this custom gas BBQ for Laser Central, who required a BBQ large enough to cater for all their staff.

With quality top of mind we custom designed and built this BBQ around their requirements.

Laser Central provided all stainless components cut and folded to size as well as burner controls and burners. We then assembled the appliance with all gas components and provided 2nd tier certification through the QGA (Queensland Gas Association).

This BBQ featured:

  • - Large viewing area
  • - Full length handle to open BBQ hood
  • - Full stainless flat plate for easy cleaning

We believe that your BBQ should be an extension of your business and our custom service allows you to showcase your companies personality through your very own custom built BBQ.

Laser Central custom stainless gas bbq by Cookout BBQ's