How to clean a stainless steel BBQ

Why clean a stainless steel BBQ?

Why clean a stainless steel BBQ? Cleaning a stainless steel BBQ and plate is essential to maintain its functionality and prevent the build-up of grease and food residues. We recommend that all exterior surfaces of the BBQ are cleaned or wiped regularly to prevent tea-staining and prolong the high finish of the stainless steel.

Stainless steel as its names suggests 'stains less than steel' and needs to be cleaned regularly to help prevent tea-staining (a brown discolouration that forms on stainless surfaces) and rust.

If the BBQ has not been cleaned for long periods, you may notice a brown discolouration starting to form on the stainless steel surfaces - this is called tea-staining and it can be prevented by following our step-by-step cleaning guides below.

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What type of stainless steel are our BBQs made from?

Our collection of Australian made BBQs are handcrafted, built from high quality stainless steel.

Stainless steel is protected by a thin layer of chromium oxide. When dirt, salt and grease build up on this coating, it does not work properly and can lead to corrosion. Consistent upkeep and cleaning of your stainless steel BBQ is a necessity to keep it looking its best.

The outer body and lids of our BBQs are manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel; the BBQ plates are made using duplex grade stainless steel, the Eclipse BBQ plates are either cast iron with a glass enamel finish or Teflon coated aluminium and the Epicure & Epicure Pro BBQ is made from 10mm Teflon coated aluminium.

As the name suggests, 'stainless' steel stains less than steel but it must be cleaned regularly. Be sure to rub the BBQ in the same direction of the grain to achieve a uniform finish.

How to clean a stainless steel BBQ

Cleaning a stainless steel BBQ requires gentle yet effective methods to prevent scratches and maintain the surface's appearance. By following the steps below, you can keep your stainless steel BBQ and plate looking clean and shiny.

Step-by-step guide on how to clean each BBQ model


Click on the BBQ models below to view our step-by-step guide on how best to clean each BBQ.

These step-by-step guides are different for each BBQ model, so please ensure you are reading the correct set of instructions prior to cleaning.

Portable BBQ covers and storage bags

To further protect your portable Cookout BBQ we recommend using our specially designed, locally made, water resistant portable BBQ covers.

Made of high grade Nylex, a PVC coated polyester and UV treated material our portable BBQ covers are water resistant, highly durable, available in 3 colours and designed to be used with our gas and electric portable BBQ range.

If you are looking for a portable BBQ storage solution, we also offer large BBQ storage bags.

Cookout BBQs manufactured prior to 2015

If your Cookout BBQ was manufactured prior to 2015 then the gas control may need to be oiled / greased regularly to prevent it from becoming jammed or ceased (later model BBQ's have the addition off a stainless shroud and rubber grommet to protect the controls from ceasing). Remove the gas control by lifting up. Apply a small amount of lubricant grease around the shaft of the control, where it enters through the top of the control box. This will prevent the control from taking in water and corroding.

A few DO NOT's

Failure to properly maintain your Cookout BBQ will void all warranty.

  1. Do Not: Hose your electric BBQ.
  2. Do Not: Pour water directly over the BBQ controls.
  3. Do Not: Use a scouring pad on the stainless steel body, surround or control panel as it will damage the stainless steel surface, leaving it prone to rusting.
  4. Do Not: Use steel wool on any part of the BBQ.
  5. Do Not: Use carbon steel on stainless steel surfaces as it will permanently scratch and damage your BBQ.